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The Jeweler's Workbench

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Established in 1980, The Jeweler's Workbench offers one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces and specialty jewelry and watch repair to the San Antonio community.


We are a family owned and operated full service jewelry sales and service shop. We specialize in custom jewelry production along with specialty repair work. Located near the medical center in San Antonio, Texas, we have served the San Antonio area since 1980. Our owner and jeweler, Henry Garza, was born and raised in Louisiana where he learned the trade from his father. Henry elevated his skillset by servicing several large retail jewelry stores. There he performed various repair work for a number of department and chain stores. After growing a name and knack in the trade Henry began to focus on his true gift and passion - custom work. With the help of his wife and fellow jewelry designer, Mary Garza, Henry opened his own full service jewelry repair and manufacturing shop in 1980. Along with his entrepreneurship accomplishments, Henry gained recognition as a Certified Bench Jeweler from the prestigious Jewelers of America. At the time of this achievement there were only two other jewelers in San Antonio that held the esteemed title.


"Do you believe jewelry should be unique with quality craftmanship to carry for generations? Well, so do we! Here, at The Jewelers Workbench, we believe jewelry should be one-of-a-kind and hand crafted for the individual wearer, not mass produced and sold in bulk. Visit our showroom and you can view our many custom designed pieces. Do you have a collection old, out of date jewelry you just don't wear anymore? Bring it in and we will help you design a new piece to fit your style and needs."


"Looking for a special something for your loved one? Let me help you design that one of a kind item. Trying to stay with in a certain budget? We can work with that too! Let me know what you are wanting to spend and I can work with you by giving you an array of options fitting your preferences and your pocketbook. Be sure to have your prongs checked on a regular basis. We offer jewelry inspections free of charge."

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